I don’t come up with spontaneous, great ideas.  What I am really good at is taking one idea, or maybe a combination of two or three ideas, and making them really useful and practical.  So, I just want to say before anybody falls off the deep end and questions my theology because of who I might follow, I am not a theologian, I am just Being a Normal Christian and trying to decipher and figure out ways of being a devoted Jesus follower.

So, two guys I follow are Michael Hyatt (a Christian leadership speaker) and Greg Boyd (a pastor at Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul).  Last week Michael had a great article on being thankful.  The gist of it was this:  here in the Western hemisphere we are good at complaining and envying all sorts of things, when in fact, God has blessed us with all kinds of really great things.  So, we say things like, “My car stinks. My job is too hard.  My kids are ungrateful.  I don’t make enough money.”

So, what Michael does is this – he carries a rock in his pocket.  And every time he comes across it, he gives thanks and praise for whatever is going on in his life at that moment.  So, he might say, “Thank you lord for this car… sure glad I am not walking in the rain.  My job is hard, Lord, but it pays the bills, so thank you for keeping me employed.”  You get the idea.  Acknowledge those blessings.

A few weeks ago Greg Boyd gave a sermon on the worst of sinners.  The gist of it was this: we all confess to being the worst of sinners, except for that guy over there, he’s way worse than me. In other words, we judge people – the fat one, the bald one, the smoker, the biker, the “fill in the blank.”  But here was the kicker, as a Christian, God did not make us the Judge.  That role is reserved for His Son who died so that everyone could have eternal life. So instead of judging others, how about saying this instead?  “Jesus died for that person over there.”

So how do these ideas come together? Well, honestly, I realize that I struggle way more with the judgmental side of me than the ungrateful side of me. So I carry a little rock with me wherever I go (Michael’s idea) , and whenever I come across it in my pocket – which is often – I remind myself that Jesus died for everyone (Greg’s idea). I am so often reminded not to judge that my whole perspective on people has begun to transform.  I actually find myself praying for someone.  Asking Jesus to help me show them love. Believing what Jesus did was for everyone.

My little judgment rock. Two fused ideas helping me live under His rule.


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  1. I am not familiar with Michael Hyatt, and I am so far very wary of some of Greg Boyd’s views that I have seen. However, I do like the melding of these two ideas and how you are implementing them in your life. Nice post.

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