For the Good (Continued)

When my children were young, there were times when they had to be disciplined.  This would sometimes lead to fierce outbreaks of anger and tears from them.  But honestly, in my limited fashion, it was for their good. Romans 8:28 is talking about things happening in my life for my good – like discipline – because I love God and he has a purpose for me.

I get the loving God piece, even though I fall woefully short most of the time.  But, for ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE leaves me feeling like I am staring at a blank wall. Here is what I’d like to say to God about this. “You mean, something might be happening to me that I do not like, but it is for my good because it is according to Your purpose? Look, God, I love you God, but are you really suggesting that there are things that might be happening in my life because you have a purpose for me?  Well, suppose I don’t like what’s happening and hence I want to change your purpose a bit so that those things that are happening are actually not only for my good but just plain good?”

Romans 8:29 goes on to tell us what God’s purpose is for our lives:  “For God knew his people in advance, and he chose them to become like his Son.

What?  Become like His Son?  Things happen in my life for my good because I love God and because his purpose for me is that I will become like His Son?

I opened my blog the last week saying that I was in a dry spell.  This past week or so, I have been in torrential rainstorm.  It’s a fierce rain because I see through scripture just exactly what is going on in my life.  I am being transformed by the Holy Spirit to be just like Jesus.  I am a long way off the mark, but God’s Grace knows exactly what I need – to be more like His Son.  And what could be better for my good at this exact moment in my life?

Become more like Jesus. What better purpose is there but to be made in the image of Jesus?  To love like Jesus, to serve like Jesus, and yes, to work like Jesus by using prayer and by being devoted to others.

It’s for my good, Lord, that I act more like Jesus, because in the end, this is why you made me. If they see a little inkling of your Son in me, then how much more will they see You when they come to know your Son through faith?