Spring is here. Easter is just a day away. It is a good time to reflect on a whole lot of things. One thing that comes to mind is what I hear a lot of people say, “I’m a good person, so that ought to be good enough.” I recently entered into a multi-part conversation with a few people on this topic. As non Christians, their take on heaven and hell is that a person just has to be good enough to get to heaven.

I think it is our human tendency to think in terms of being good enough. I was recently re-reading Genesis, and something struck me about the Fall. I feel bad for Adam and Eve. The Serpent basically offered them piece of fruit, and said that “when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

Fast forward a few thousand years. Isn’t our life just like Adam and Eve’s? How many times are we presented with a piece of fruit that we hope will make us better? How many times does an advertisement promise something if we would only indulge ourselves? If only you had this car, beer, vacation, house, piece of clothing, watch, weight, set of teeth, or spouse then you would be happy. When you buy this your life will be better, and you will be like a celebrity, knowing wealth and happiness.

Adam and Eve exchanged a piece of fruit for something supposedly better, which turned out to be a lie. Human’s do the same thing today. Every day. We exchange emptiness in our hearts for a lie. We replace and want a quick answer. We exchange commitments for self interests, struggles for temporary happiness, and weakness with material goods that make us feel potent.

How good is good enough? Well, good enough is when we have complete satisfaction in God’s love. Until we have that, we’ll live in a world of consumerism that sells us pieces of fruit we are all to eager to buy to gain self centered happiness. We love fruit.

What are you buying this Easter?