Resurrection Sunday

These days there seems to be a lot of division in the church.  There are divisions related to gender orientation, socio-economic standing, political affiliation and interpretations of the age of the Earth (to name a few). Often times innocent people are left in the crossfire of Christian division as was seen by the recent issue at World Vision.  We often let our personal agendas get in the way of the true saving work of the Savior.

So I wonder, idealist that I am, what would happen if we Christians set aside all of our differences and focused only on what today, Easter, truly represents?

What if we stopped for a second and said, We are people of the resurrection?

Through no act of our own we were brought into right relationship with God through the death and resurrection of Jesus.   We are people of the resurrection.

We have inconceivable hope that our broken planet will be set right.  We are people of the resurrection.

We have new life when we accept Jesus as savior so much so that our sins are forgiven, our addictions are overcome, our purposes becomes clear, and love becomes our identifier.  We are people of the resurrection.

We have grace that fills our days and our weeks and our months with opportunity to see truth, to speak truth, and to be truth. We are people of the resurrection.

Set free by grace.  To live under and in the full meaning of a renewed life.  Not tomorrow.  Not in a few months.   Now.

We are people of the resurrection.