Always make the easy choice

In Acts 16, Paul and Silas are arrested, beaten and thrown into prison. In the middle of the night, there is a violent earthquake, and their chains are broken and the doors opened. Fearing that the prisoners had escaped, the guard was about to kill himself, but Paul calls out to him, shares the Gospel message, the guard profess Christ, and is saved.

Paul and Silas could have easily escaped, and left the guard to himself. But instead, they made a different choice, and in so doing, shared the Gospel. As I reflected on this story, I wondered about what I do when I am faced with difficult situations. Do I always take the easy road? When do I take advantage of the easy road? When is my own well being first, and the salvation of another second? And in what priority should those choices be?

Can we imagine the world today if Jesus has been more like us? Or me? And had simply given up, walked away, or worked around the way of the cross? His words and his deeds would scarcely exist, and the wrath of God would be upon us.

I pray Lord for the faith and steadfastness of Paul and Silas. In the prisons of life where I live and work, I pray that I would seek and find God’s power and love, and be a witness to those who are my captors, even when the easy way out is the tempting choice before me.


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