25 Reflections of Gratitude on this Day of Thanks Giving

Whenever I start my day expressing gratitude, then I am statistically assured of a positive (+) day more than a negative (-) one. My own research has proven this time and again.
Gratitude is a noun.  It describes the state of feeling thankful for something that’s been granted or given without wanting anything in return. And there’s no verb form of gratitude.  To show gratitude —is to thank. So here are my 25 refections of gratitude on this day of thanks giving.  There is an order in this list.  But it might not be what you think.
  1. Tracy, my wife of over 26 years.  Best friend.  The one who understands me the most.  And makes happiness real.
  2. Two sons, both in college, who keep me young by challenging my middle-aged thinking.
  3. In-laws. Two cherished people who have been unselfishly generous. And still with us in their 80’s.
  4. Sisters-in-laws.  Brother-in-law.  Nephew. That extended family who are fun and love me just the way I am.
  5. Bikes.  Biking.  Going for rides.  Alone.  In groups.  Big hills.  No hills.  Just bikes.  Cycling.  Oh, and hand signals and lights (keeping me safer from all the distracted drivers out there).
  6. Dogs.  Now we have four.  Misty is old and blind, but still a fetcher.  Linus curmudgeon.  Wilson blissful.  Lucy a terror (but too cute for wrath).
  7. Wine.  Mostly wine.  Sometimes bourbon.  Tequila.  Beer.  Never alone, but with people I love and care for.
  8. Work.  A job that has been been the most challenging I have ever had.  Stretching me outside my comfort zones.  Making me notice new things.  And listening for truth and pursuing what is right. And a boss who is super awesome.  And peers who make work more than just fun.
  9. Change.  In small ways and big.  From daily routines to big life events.  I am not always good at it, but learning how important change is to moving forward.
  10. Hundreds of years of peaceful transition of US political power.  It works. Let’s hope it stays that way.
  11. Reading.  Books. Blogs.  News.  It’s amazing really, that we can recognize shapes that represent words that convey meaning.
  12. Music.  All kinds.  Classical, rock -n-n roll, downbeat.  And so many ways to listen to music! Napster. Pandora.  It’s like having an infinite music collection. Although albums did like kind of cool.
  13. Movies.  Big epic thrillers.  The more science fiction the better.  And romantic comedies.  I just like having my mind bent and my heart tugged.
  14. The Internet.  Access to so much content. And some of it is true! And weather forecasts galore (and more accurate than ever!)
  15. Trains.  Recently, started taking the train to Cambridge.  Too long to drive.  But I get tot read more.  Listen to music more.
  16. A house we’ve modified and cared for where the guys have grown up.  Dogs have run around.  People have visited for long and short times.
  17. Food.  Mostly ice-cream and chocolate.  And a good burger.  With cheese.
  18. Health.  At 53 no major issues.  That’s not a jinx is it?
  19. Oceans.  I could sit on any beach at any time in any place and find tranquility.
  20. Writing.  I don’t write as often as I would like, but when I do, my mind is focused.
  21. Church.  It’s a community.  And I have come a long way in understanding and trusting in Jesus.
  22. My parents. Long gone, but they brought me to life.  And my brothers who shaped my early years.
  23. Coffee.  Need I say more?
  24. Navigation systems.  Never lost.  But also no need to follow a planned route.
  25. Today.  Another gift.  Another opportunity.
I have others.  Cinnamon frosted pop tarts.  Pecan cluster/Turtle blizzard from Dairy Queen.  Fall colors.  Thunder storms.  Swimming.  Saunas.  Outdoor showers.  Back packs (long history).  Spell chekcers.
Happy Thanks Giving.